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As America’s number one condiment, ranch has gained tremendous popularity among consumers as an accompaniment for more than just salads. The rich combination of flavors, inspired by fresh, fragrant vegetables and herbs from local farm stands, is a perfect match to the distinctive hearty crunch of Cape Cod’s Waffle Cut kettle-cooked potato chips. 

“Consumers are becoming more adventurous with their snacking choices and exploring more sophisticated flavor combinations than in the past,” said Faith Atwood, Marketing Manager, Cape Cod Potato Chips. “At Cape Cod, we are always looking for new ways to be innovative, which is why we are thrilled to introduce the new Farm Stand Ranch Waffle Cut chips.” 

All Cape Cod Potato Chips are all-natural, gluten-free, preservative-free and are kettle-cooked in 100% canola oil. The new flavor joins the existing Sea Salt and Seasoned Pepper Waffle Cut varieties. 

The well-known Cape Cod® lighthouse on the package makes it easy for consumers to find among the sea of salty snacks. A 7-ounce bag of Farm Stand Ranch Waffle Cut retails at $3.79 and can be found at major retailers or ordered online at